Top Gym Climbing Shoes 2020

There has been a major shift within the climbing industry in recent years. Many climbing shoe companies have branched their shoe models to accommodate a growing indoor climbing market.  Indoor climbing shoes are designed with comfort in mind. Take a look at some of our top pics!


Created with Tenaya’s new M4 technology, the Tanta features exceptional comfort and many qualities of Tenaya's highest performance shoes. Neither too stiff nor too soft, slightly curved, with glove-like fit and dynamic response, the Tanta performs great in all kinds of situations. Expect the Tanta to make your climbing feel easier and more intuitive, leading your footwork to flow in a natural and precise way.

  • Material: Microfiber
  • Lining: Cotton with TXT treatment
  • Fastener: SXR Dynamics ® Tightening System
  • Insole: 2D PL:T 10
  • Rubber: 4 mm
  • Weight: 340g
  • Tongue: Padded Bellows
  • Vegan





The latest addition to Black Diamonds award-winning Momentum line of climbing shoes, the Momentum Vegan brings the same qualities, only now the materials are completely vegan—that’s right, no animal products are on this shoe’s construction. Designed to provide unparalleled comfort for all day cragging and gym sessions, the Momentum Vegan is a two-strap Velcro shoe that combines innovative technology with a classic, flat-last design to create an entry-level shoe that excels in performance. With an upper fabric that consists entirely of our Engineered Knit Technology, the Momentum Vegan provides stretch where you need it, support where it matters and all around exceptional breathability. Black Diamond has also added a micro-fiber liner to the front of the shoe to minimize stretch and maximize comfort. Built for all-day comfort on moderate routes, boulders or gym sessions, the Momentum Vegan features a soft-flex midsole for sensitivity and is the perfect entry level climbing shoe. 

  • Materials in entire shoe are completely vegan
  • Hemp footbed
  • Neutral, flat last for vertical climbing or all-day comfort
  • Engineered Knit Technology upper provides exceptional breathability and comfort
  • 4.3mm rubber is built for durability and molded for optimal consistency and performance
  • Soft flex midsole for added sensitivity and comfort
  • Two Velcro straps for fit adjustability





The Ventic Air are comfortable all-rounders in a modern design for indoor climbing and easy crag routes. They are the ideal shoes for beginners and pleasure climbers who are looking for particularly comfortable, soft and airy climbing shoes.

The neutral, flat shape, paired with a soft sole construction offers excellent comfort on long climbing days. The knitted fabric upper is particularly breathable and ensures reduced perspiration. The shoes are particularly easy to put on and take off thanks to the seamless integrated tongue and the two VCR fasteners. The modern sock-like design will also enthuse younger climbers.

The Ventic Air soles are made from durable RX-2 rubber. They are characterized by high friction values, but at the same time offer the necessary stability to step precisely onto the smallest of footholds. The redesigned Comfort-Fit Heel construction ensures a moderate heel pull and guarantees optimal grip when bouldering.

The Ventic Air are the first choice for those who are looking for comfortable all-rounders for various climbing styles, but who also greatly value comfort.

  • Last: neutral, medium wide, comfort lasts
  • Closure system: two VCR straps
  • Tongue: seamless tongue for simple on and offs without creasing
  • Toe box: reinforced inner lining
  • Heel: Comfort-Fit heel
  • Upper: single-piece Ventic upper (knitted fabric for maximum breathability)
  • Footbed: hemp footbed (antibacterial and odour blocking)
  • Sole: continuous Red Chili RX-2 sole (4.5 mm)
  • Weight: 490 g (pair)/size 7 (UK)
  • Sizes: UK 3-12

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