About us


We are the a website for the climbers, by the climbers

We are a small business from Springfield Missouri with a big goal!

Climb Source was established to empower climbers with better knowledge, and provide detailed gear insight, so that climbers can pursue their adventure with confidence.

Staying active is important. Though every individual has their own unique way of enjoying the sport of climbing. We have come to the understanding that Climbing forges new friendships, Improves physical strength, and provides a small escape from every day life. It is in essence an engaging yet calming activity which encompasses many health benefits to mind and body.
We believe that the journey to your next mountain requires grit and determination but with the proper knowledge and equipment any mountain can be accomplished.
Lets Contribute Together
As climbers we are very privileged with the lifestyle we live. We believe that in every purchase there is an opportunity to align with causes that improve others lives or preserve our world.  You shop we donate to a cause. To be sure your donation is collected, You will need to select a cause on a product page or once you get to your cart.  We currently have 4 available nonprofits that you can donate too when you make purchases.
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Please understand that the information we provide is only resource to you. This site is not the only place you should get your climbing information. Seeking instruction from a professional with first hand experience, who can help you develop knowledge and skills, with hands on experience, is a crucial step to developing in your climbing.