Crag Survival Handbook - The Unspoken Rules of Climbing - Matt Samet - Climb Source

Crag Survival Handbook - The Unspoken Rules of Climbing - Matt Samet

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by Matt Samet. Foreword by Kevin Jorgeson.



    • Climbing etiquette you won’t learn at the gym but need to know
    • Advice from “Rock Maestros” Justen Sjong, Kevin Jorgeson, Tommy Caldwell, Robyn Ebersfeld and experts at the Access Fund, Black Diamond, Leave No Trace, and more
    • Mix of lore, how-to, humor, and entertainment — a reference book that’s easy to read and makes for good campfire talk
    • Dogs at the trailhead, belayers in lawn chairs, long lines queued up at the classics in Eldorado Canyon — the crags seem more crowded and more crazy than ever. In fact, according to the Outdoor Industry association, in the United States more than 3.6 million people participated in climbing in 2011. Many of these new climbers are entering outdoor climbing solely through rock gyms, without having the opportunity to apprentice with an experienced friend or mentor— resulting in climbing accidents and conflicts. How do you become a responsible crag citizen?

Crag Survival Handbook: The Unspoken Rules of Climbing
      is longtime climber Matt Samet’s personal handbook to becoming a member of the climbing community. While Samet discusses key skills like movement, dealing with fear, gear management, and how to fall, he also delves into crag culture: ethics, access, dealing with conflict, dogs and kids at the crags, and Leave No trace practices. Samet lays out the unspoken rules you need to know.

      Chapters include:
      * Heads up! Safety, Hazards, and Basic Crag Awareness
      * Etiquette, Access, and Impact: You’re Not the Only Fish in the Aquarium
      * Movement PhD: Crouch Like a Tiger, Hide Like a Dragon
      * Become a Rock Ninja: Tricks of the Cragger’s Trade

Crag Survival Handbook
    guides you through the essential questions, even the questions you didn’t know you had, just like a personal climbing mentor would — minute by minute, hour by hour, skill by skill.


Foreword by Kevin Jorgeson