Rotator Cuff: Resistance Band Warmup

Warm up or rehab your rotator cuffs with resistance band shoulder exercises. Resistance bands are a low impact, portable solution that help rehab and strengthen your shoulders. 

Below are my 3 favorite resistance warmups to strengthen and rehab shoulders. Rotator cuff exercises are a great addition to your workouts and should be performed least once weekly to help strength shoulder and reduce the chances of shoulder injuries. These band shoulder exercises can also help rehab shoulders/rotator cuff. This will help you stay ahead of injuries.

Exercise #1  Shoulder Abduction to 90 Degrees 

How to: Stand on the band with your left foot while holding the band with your left hand. Keep your elbow straight, lift the band up to 90 degrees to shoulder level. Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds then lower slowly to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side, aim for 10-15 reps on each side.


Exercise #2 External Rotation

How to:  Attach the resistance band to a secure anchor at belly button height. Stand perpendicular to the resistance band and grab it with your outside hand. Keep your elbow at your side then move the band away from your body by squeezing your shoulder blade in towards the middle of your back. You can place a towel between your elbow and your hip to help stabilize your elbow. Slowly return to the starting position. Then repeat on the opposite side.

Exercise #3 Shoulder Extension 

How to: Attach the resistance band to a secure anchor above your head. Reach up and grab the band with your left hand. Keeping your elbow straight, extend your arm backward towards your body. Hold briefly at the bottom before returning to starting position. Repeat on the opposite side

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Author: Christian Losh
Setting Coordinator at Zenith Climbing Center


Be sure that you are using bands that are in good condition without tears or dry rot. Its always a good idea to Consult a certified physical trainer or orthopedic doctor before practicing  these workouts.

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