What's in Christians Route Setting Bag?

What’s In My Setting Bag? 
Here is a list of my go-tos for a day of commercial setting! 
  • A durable 48 liter pack to fit all my setting equipment
Trango Vergo
  • An ergonomic belay device used for hauling. 
Petzl Avao Harness 
  • Extremely comfortable working at height certified harness. Lightweight, breathable construction maximizes air flow while being on the wall. 
Petzl Rig
  • Compact self-braking descender for rope access. 
Petzl Grigri
  • Used for our fall and rescue system to lower the climber safely to the ground. 
Petzl Vertex Helmet 
  • Lightweight, comfortable and adjustable helmet for working at heights. 
Makita Impact Drill 
  • Powerful drill to sling some grips on the wall
Black Diamond 18mm Nylon Daisy Chain 
  • Durable clip in for setting efficiency 
Sterling 11mm Safety Pro
  • Technical work and rescue line. Firm but smooth sheath that allows the rope to run easily through gear. Used for our fall and rescue system. 
Sterling ReVo 10.1mm  Rope for Hauling and Setting Top Ropes 
  • 100% nylon with an innovative double-braid core. Perfect for hauling full buckets of holds or setting up top ropes. 
Metolius 5 Step Aid Ladder 
  • Reinforced clip in point, full strength grab point and sub steps in the top two steps. 
Grivel Ascender 
  •  Ergonomic and spacious handle easy to use even with gloves. Practical ring on the cam to facilitate the manipulation and help unlocking.
Author: Christian Losh
Setting Coordinator at Zenith Climbing Center

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