Asana Crash Pads Review

Asana has designed and manufactured crash pads since 1999. Their home Base is in Garden City, Idaho. From the start, they focused on developing the most efficient and versatile crash pad designs in the industry. The overall simplicity of the their pad designs with a key focus on comfort, durability, and attention to the important details have made them the  leader in world of light weight and durable crash pad design.
All of their pads are 4 inches thick. Asana put a lot of thought into what crash pad sizes made the most sense with weight and comfort in consideration. They determined that two sizes would fill the need. Also if weight is a primary consideration, Asana pads fill that void.

  • Super Hero which comes in at 57 x 40 x 4 inches, a lightweight 16 lbs.
  • Hero Pad, sized at 48 x 36 x 4 inches, only 14 lbs.
  • The Sidekick is the same size as the Hero Pad, Without the flaps, it weighing in at 12 lbs.


Asana's crash pads are constructed with extremely durable fabrics.
The cover material is made of 1000 denier nylon. The edges of the pad are sewn 1680 denier ballistics nylon to provide greater abrasion resistance in high ware spots.

The foam core structure is a combination of closed cell foam and open cell.
The closed cell sheet at the top of the padding is designed to disperse the impact of a falling climber across the entire surface of the pad. The next layer, the open cell foam, acts to absorb energy, slowing down the climber and providing a comfy impact.
The bottom layer is another layer of closed cell which acts distributes the impact from the bottom. The 2" open of cell foam is sandwiched between 1" closed cell foam which adds to the overall  longevity of the pad.
Lifespan : The lifespan of a pad depends entirely on the
number of times it is fallen on, the height from which someone is falling, and the
place that it is stored.

Asana also focused on building an extremely comfortable suspension system for those long walks in the alpine. One thing we love about this pad is that Asana included load distributors on the comfortable shoulder straps. The suspension system takes on a similar technology that most hiking packs include. When the load is distributed properly this pad becomes a great option for long hikes.

All Asana crash pads are constructed with a hybrid fold. This means that the hard cell foam spreads across the entire surface on the top side of the crash pad. This reduces the likelihood of a climber grounding in the center of the pad. Asana also found this was best way to make their pads fold with greater ease.
Asana's Super Hero and Hero pads hold the pad shut with 2 flaps in combination with metal buckles. The buckles also provide a smart way to carry or "piggy-back" another pad. This is one thing we love about this design. Without adding much weight to the system Asana was able to address and issue boulders have when trying to haul multiple pads to their project.
To lash the pad shut, Asana used a combination of nylon webbing with burly cam buckle fasteners. These cam buckles use a spring
to bite down on the webbing. To loosen just squeeze the buckle with your thumb and forefinger. The metal buckling system is also less likely to bend compared to thin aluminum fastening hook, which is common to see on many other pad closure straps.

On Asana's Hero and Super Hero pads, They added a military grade plastic clip which they deem the “Cargo Clip”. This clip is mounted on the outside top of the pad and gives a boulderer the friendly choice not to load gear inside the pad.
Packing gear inside of a crash pad usually creates two blaring issues:
  • Convex in the pack system resulting in an extremely uncomfortable carry
  • Added strain to the pad materials ultimately reducing pad life

The cargo clip is smart solution to this issue. I allows the pads suspension system to rest on the back properly, dramatically increasing hiking comfort. It also eliminates the strain most pads get when when loading gear inside of the pad.

Asana's flaps can extend to the bottom of the pack which allows the user to cinch the external gear tight to the pad, ultimately providing a more secure load in order to provide stable hike.

Each Pad has 4 handles. Made of tubular webbing, These pass the durability test. In addition handles that are easily visible can be important when a spotter needs to make a quick pad adjustment for the climber above.

To sum it all up. Asana has built a great line of crash pads. With an emphasis on weight an functionality these pads are an excellent choice for protecting your projects fall zone!
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